Written Element Financial Performance - Help?!

I have sat my financial performance paper 5 times now and failed on the written element each time.
Can anyone help me out, this is my 2nd to last exam so getting fed up now! :( Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


  • And
    And Registered Posts: 82
    I know how it feels because I am doing it 5 times now also :/ I suggest that for the variance analysis you explain what each variance mean in detail and that makes sense and always include your workings so that you show the examiner what you are doing and how you conclude why it is adverse or a favourable variance :). I hope this helps :)!
  • Waheed
    Waheed Registered Posts: 9
    I def know how you to feel as I have failed it twice now, I was really confident this time I passed the written sections but didn't make hardly any marks even though I practised a lot for it and question in exams was similar to some of the practise ones. How much did u pass n the other sections Zooey and and ?
  • leption
    leption Registered Posts: 36
    Hi there peeps. I too have failed twice. I don't understand it I met and exceeded 6 tasks and still I failed. I have done worse in other exams and passed. It was tasks 7,8 and 9 that I did not do well on but the rest was all met and exceeded apart from 1 other task I was borderline.
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