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ISYS project

Looking for some CHIC PAINTS help/motivation!


  • rick1063rick1063 Registered Posts: 5
    Ok, I'm a month in to the project and haven't done the plan yet, I know it's supposed to be in after 4 weeks so I'm starting to panic a bit, sat and stared at it for an hour tonight and not sure how to start!
  • ChristinaChristina Just Joined Registered Posts: 33
    Who are you studying with, Rick? Different providers seem to have different methods of presentation. Have you got all the resources from your training provider and AAT? Have you got any examples or templates to guide you on what to do?
  • rick1063rick1063 Registered Posts: 5
    I'm with Kaplan in Hull, haven't heard from my assessor since I got the 2nd recording! Printed a tonne of materials off today so hopefully that will help
  • ChristinaChristina Just Joined Registered Posts: 33
    I thought it might be Kaplan. I don't think you hear from the assessor until you upload your plan, unless you contact them beforehand. Have you chosen which function you're going to base your report on yet?
  • rick1063rick1063 Registered Posts: 5
    Yes, the Payroll function as it seems to be a bit of a mess!
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