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KarlduganKarldugan Just JoinedPosts: 8Registered
Hello all,

Does anyone have the AAT pass rate, by exam?

Just to clarify, I want the number per 100 that pass

Thanks in advance :)

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  • AndAnd Posts: 82Registered
    it is 70% the pass rate :)
  • KarlduganKarldugan Just Joined Posts: 8Registered
    Hi And,

    Thanks for the quick reply but I want the pass rate not the pass mark :)
  • south59south59 Posts: 22Registered
    I'm extremely shocked that PTAX has such a low score.
  • Jules18Jules18 Settling In Nicely Posts: 102Registered, Tutor
    It has been dropping steadily 2012 78.4%; 2013 66.7% and 2014 51.5%. I am sure that both tutors and the AAT will have been in discussion about the trend. In the last few years it has been a subject at, or close to, the bottom in pass rates.
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