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Anyone else having problems with the FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE Green Light Tests?

I'm sure a lot of their answers are incorrect because the test keep marking my answers as incorrect when I have looked into them in great detail and checked online and they cannot be!

This happened to me a few times with the Financial Performance ones and I actually contacted AAT and they admitted to the issue and "tried" to correct it.

Has this happened to anyone else?



  • zebra246zebra246 Registered Posts: 56
    All the green light tests on every module have errors. They are a bit of an embarrassment to the AAT. Having said that, over 90% of the questions are correct. And so, they are useful.

    There is a feature that allows you to inform the AAT there is an incorrect answer on their Green Light tests. But don't be surprised if they reply and tell you it is right when it is clearly wrong. It has happened to me more than once.

    The fact that you noticed suggests you are on track.
  • James_BJames_B Registered, Tutor, Independent Assessor, Affiliate Posts: 33
    Hi both, there are marking issues with Green Light tests which occurs when a question contains multiple answer slots but there is only one mark available for the entire answer.

    We have been working with our supplier and have now introduced a partial marking system for all new AQ2016 tests. Once these tests are complete, we will retrospectively apply the partial marking functionality to all current AQ2013 tests.

    The best way to deal with this issue currently is to carefully review the feedback given and check your answers against the suggested answers.

    It may be that your issue is not to do with partial marking? If you believe that an answer given is not correct, please either take a screen grab of the question, or email us the question ID (bottom left of screen) to [email protected] and we will do our best to resolve your issue.

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