Can anybody recommend a good Sage 50 Accounts book?

richiebkerry Registered Posts: 45 Regular contributor ⭐
Can anybody recommend a good Sage 50 Accounts book? Have just started a new role and need to get to grips with it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • marcin_karpinski
    marcin_karpinski Registered Posts: 5
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  • mamadama
    mamadama Registered Posts: 8
    hello Marcni_karpinski, I'm interested in a good sage 50 Accounts book, Can you please send the link again please.

    Thank you

  • maciej2017
    maciej2017 Registered Posts: 3
    Hello AAT community! I have been receiving queries regarding income tax on profits from investing in cryptocurrencies, e.g. Bitcoin. Do you know if there are any up-to-date tax regulations regarding paying tax on such investments? Or perhaps you already have some clients whose trading activity is investing people's funds in cryptocurrencies. What advice have you given them? Thank you!
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