Cash Management or Personal Tax?

I need to decide on my last topic for level 4, in terms of easy to learn and teach myself what one would you choose? Any information/ experience taken on either of these topics would be helpful. Much appreciated.


  • KarenMustardTutor
    KarenMustardTutor Registered, Tutor Posts: 28
    Cash Management has some overlap with the budgeting unit; you are required to prepare cash budgets. Also you probably have a fundamental understanding of the need to manage your cash position and have some knowledge of raising finance via loan, overdraft, shares also subjects such as hire purchase and leases.

    Compare that to your knowledge of Personal Tax. If you are not working in a tax environment then cash management will probably be easier to learn and teach yourself.
  • Golebatax123
    Golebatax123 Registered Posts: 54
    hi Karen
    I need your help in cash management,some tasks im finding them very difficult to understand especially for raising finance,investing surplus funds saving and borrowings.Any tips on these please!
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