What should I do?

Hey guys,

I could use some help and mainly advice.

I have just completed my Level 3 AAT and am unsure what to do going forward.
I will be completing the Level 4 AAT over the next 12 months and would like a plan going forward.

Once completing AAT level four, I essentially have three options;
  1. Fast Track to ACA
  2. Fast Track to ACCA
  3. Complete ATT -> CTA
My question is what would be the best situation for me.
Ideally I would like to go into tax, however I'm not sure whether ACCA or ACA would be a better route.

In terms of doing the ACA - My current employer is a ICAEW accredited training employer and I'm fairly sure they will give me a training contract, therefore it makes sense to do the AAT to ACA fast track, I would get a lot of exemptions.

The ACCA would give me more flexibility however the fast track is slower than the ACA one due to the number of exams?

The ATT and CTA route would give me better grounding in tax which is where I would like to specialise in, however I don't believe I get any exemptions so I am unsure as to how long it will take me.

In terms of academics I am 7-7.5/10, intelligent however not super clever however I am an extremely hard worker and motivated but the exams are slightly off putting. I am more technically gifted as a problem solver.
I received very average A levels and GSCE grades (not good enough for top firms) however I did receive a 1st class degree.

What do you guys think?

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