Hi guys,

I've sailed through most of this level until Itax.....hhheeeelllpp!! This will now be my fifth attempt but I'm not giving up! Does anyone have any advice please? I struggle massively on task 6 in the exam but seem to get exceeded in tast 7!
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  • marcocara1
    marcocara1 Registered Posts: 6
    Thanks Sabina! No not really but I'll have a think about it! I'm so eager to pass this now so trying really hard
  • Jules18
    Jules18 Settling In Nicely Registered, Tutor Posts: 102
    If you are exceeding in Task 7 which is worth 17 marks (more than the first three tasks put together) you are doing well. The same principles apply to Task 6 as 7 - are you checking the additional adjustments under the days books and control account extracts - making sure it is clear if the figures are net or gross of tax (standard or reduced rate) - any strange items check in the blue reference material for correct treatment. Remember cars are not VAT reclaimable but trucks are. Good luck
  • marcocara1
    marcocara1 Registered Posts: 6
    Thanks Jules! Yes I'm exceeding on task 7 but struggle on task 6 for some reason. I'm still asking my tutor for more assistance so hopefully fingers crossed i'll get to the finishing line!:O)
  • marcocara1
    marcocara1 Registered Posts: 6
    Can anyone help me on this question please for preparation of the vat return please.....a custome has purchased a company car for £1500 and vat charged at £300.... Do you deduct the vat (£300) on the purchases vat account and deduct £1500 from the purchases account? Would this be correct??

    Thanks again!
  • mike150185
    mike150185 KentRegistered Posts: 41
    Unless it's mainly used as a taxi or for driving instructors (I imagine it isn't), the VAT can't be claimed so £1800 would be debited on purchases with no effect on VAT.
  • marcocara1
    marcocara1 Registered Posts: 6
    Thank you!

    Can someone assist me with this....if I make a deposit payment with VAT at £2500, I would need to adjust the VAT account and purchases account....would I deduct the vat a/c with 2500 and add the 2500 onto the purchases account....would this be correct?

    thank you again!!
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