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I've been using Sage Accounts for years for bookkeeping for our small business. In the past I have filed our accounts and CT600 using HMRC free software but I've just purchased Taxcalc hoping it will make life easier.

In Taxcalc I'm importing the TB from Sage which is easy, except one question! In the TB in Taxcalc the balance sheet codes for fixed assets are:

4130: Motor vehicles - cost
4131: Motor vehicles - additions
4132: Motor vehicles - disposals
4133: Motor vehicles - depn b/f
4134: Motor vehicles - depn charge in year
4135: Motor vehicles - depn on disposals

In my Sage balance sheet I only have:

0050: Motor Vehicles (this contains cost of all vehicles, regardless of what year they were bought in)
0051: Motor Vehicles Depn (this contains all depn entries, including b/f, charge in the year and on disposals)

It makes sense for me to create extra codes in Sage and split down the entries from 0050 and 0051 into separate codes so that TaxCalc will create the correct entries in the accounts.

However, it I setup Sage as follows:

0050: Motor Vehicles - Cost
00500: Motor Vehicles - Additions
00501: Motor Vehicles - Disposals

once I run year end on Sage for 2015.16 the codes 00500 and 00501 will still contain the additions and disposals for 2015.16 rather than be empty for 2016.17.

My options I assume are to stick with my current codes in Sage and make manual adjustments in Taxcalc, or to add the extra codes to Sage and once year end has been run journal from 00500 and 00501 to 0050. The second option sounds easiest to me.

I just wondered if anyone knew any better way of dealing with this?


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