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I am thinking of taking up the AAT qualification. I wanted to know what are the career prospects? After completing my Level 2 can I expect to get a job? The plan is to go all the way and complete Level 4. I appreciate that getting a job is much more than just a qualification but wanted some feedbacks before I proceed. Can people please share their experiences? I am also a Masters degree holder in Economics.


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    Hi, in my experience it really depends on where you are willing to start from.

    The short answer is yes, study hard and you will get a job for the qualifications you have worked towards

    The long answer depends on your current situation and your expectations.

    For example, aged 23, I started AAT September 2012 because I was working in a call centre and wanted a career (a little of track, I thought to myself, I am good at maths I will be good at accounting. Do not make this assumption. I say to many people all the maths you need to know is how you use plus, subtract, times and divide on a calculator, you need to be able to think in a logical way. I brought this up because I know loads of people who started AAT because they also had the same thoughts as myself). Anyway, December 2012 I was faced with redundancy so I started looking for jobs starting at the bottom within an accountancy department. I have now progressed at work and I am due to complete level 4 this year. On the other hand. I started AAT level 2 at the same time as a guy aged in his 30's. He was in a good job but also wanted a career. Looked online for well paid jobs and accountancy was near the top. He went on to complete level 3. For the roles available based on his qualifications he would of had to take a significant wage drop and so did not go any further with his studies.

    I have pasted a web page from AAT website which shows various salaries based on qualifications, location, job role etc.
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