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Hi All

I just want to collect peoples opinions.

If you charge a seperate book-keeping rate and accounts prep rate where does book-keeping finish and accounts prep start.
I was thinking that book-keeping finishes at control account level which makes accruals/prepayments accounts prep but someone else in the office thinks that it finishes at TB level.

Opinions please.


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    I want to qualify that by saying if you're doing all of that, and you're charging for both parts and pretty much doing the job continuously, it's a tricky one in terms of what you should be earning and how much you end up charging.

    Personally, I always charge a fixed fee for accounts, and if I have to do bookkeeping I charge it on top at an hourly rate, but I hate bookkeeping, haha (which is why I'm on here as that's what I have to do this afternoon!!)

    You may find my ancient blog posts on this subject of interest (the 2nd one is actually more relevant):’re-worth/
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    Thanks Monsoon
    This is a bored managment accountants afternoon waiting for stock reports.
    Tried to work out a charge by doing the maths and then working out my capacity.

    Then after calculating a capacity rate of 13% I've decided to put the kettle on!

    Waiting for this years results from Burgs survey before setting some fixed prices.
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