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Just had an enquiry that took me a bit aback due to the size of the business. It was to do the accounts for a chain of 43 hotels with approx £800m turnover. Have no idea what my fee would have been but sent them off with advice and guidance to find a firm of suitable size to take on such work.

Got me thinking though what is the largest business you have had enquire or currently you have on your books?

Our largest on the books for Accounts / Tax work is around £2m turnover. For other work (payroll) it is £130m turnover.



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    Wow. Yes I'd have declined that as well.
    I've had a few £2m turnover clients who were growing bigger, and one left for a larger accountant, the other went with my practice when I sold it.

    I don't think I've ever had any large companies enquire.
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