AAT Level 4 books

K3nnyst Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 6
Have got the Osborne workbooks & tutorial books available for the following Level 4 subjects:

Financial Statements
Business Tax
Personal Tax
Analysing Financial Performance
Preparing & Using Budgets

All in good condition and hardly used.

Anyone interested? reasonable prices


  • jiyajiya
    jiyajiya Registered Posts: 2
    Hi, I m interested in getting the above mentioned books, can you please let me know the price please, thanks
  • Kala
    Kala Registered Posts: 17
    Are these still available please ? Price please?
  • K3nnyst
    K3nnyst Just Joined Registered Posts: 6
    The following ones are still available, business tax, personal tax & preparing and using budgets.

    Only thing is these are the 2013 version, so they might not be much use now, but if still interested, get back to me
  • Kala
    Kala Registered Posts: 17
    I'm interested in above three please. How much are please? Postage?
  • K3nnyst
    K3nnyst Just Joined Registered Posts: 6
    If you are based in the UK, total cost including postage of £45 If you want to buy them please email me [email protected] and we can sort it out
  • jemmaedwards12
    jemmaedwards12 Registered Posts: 13

    I am selling my full set of BPP AAT level 4 books on eBay. All in perfect condition with no writing in.

    Please follow this link - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322240403610

    Item is ending Sunday 4th September.
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