I have unfortunately not passed the ACPR exam.

I was wondering whether there is a way to get more in depth feedback on my exam as to where I went wrong.

The feedback sheet that I was given only gives basic feedback such as met, borderline etc. I am especially confused as to where I went wrong in the extended trial balance task as I was very confident that I had done well in this section but gained below requirment in this task. If I don't know where I went wrong with the trial balance I feel that I am going to make the same mistakes on a re-sit exam.

Any help would be appreciated.




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    Sorry I think you are going to be unlucky as the AAT has always refused to give detailed feedback on individual question performance as it compromises the available bank of questions. It could be that you did very well on the ETB but were not so competent on the other questions in Task 6 which test knowledge and understanding. The task is worth 20 marks and if we assume the K&U are worth 6 marks (But who really knows as the mark scheme is not published and they could be weighted more or less dependant on the questions selected) then they are worth 30% of the marks.

    Have you made sure you got all your DEAD CLIC in the right statements because they can balance even if in the wrong ones. This could push you 'below requirement'.

    Sorry I cannot help more but good luck in the future.
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    The Performance Feedback on the AAT site lists the common errors that people make. It's also worth doing the sample assessments then comparing what you've entered to the answer document provided. I do that for every exam, and if I make any mistakes I should be able to work out what I did wrong. If I can't, there's normally e-learning material available.
    Zoe89[Deleted User]
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    Thanks for your responses. I was confident that I had got all the DEAD CLIC's in the right statements but must have made a mistake somewhere just wish I knew where.

    I will have a look at the Perfomance Feedback, thanks for the advice.
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