MIP application

I am filling in my application for MIP and wondered if anyone could give me some help on the type of evidence they want subbmitting, is it actual print off's of work done, or do you just write what you do?
Also the person giving the reference, do they need to detail your work?
Sorry I am being a bit vague but I am a bit lost on the sort of evidence they need...HELP


  • DawnMaria159
    DawnMaria159 Registered Posts: 5
    Hi Paul
    Thanks for that, I have looked at the informaiton on there, I just wondered if anyone knew exactly what they wanted, applied before, and knew the layout. thanks though, I will just work through the information on there
  • DawnMaria159
    DawnMaria159 Registered Posts: 5
    Thank you, I just don't want to miss out information and have to keep adding to it

    Thanks again
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