Which subject to select from two optional.

I have passed my Level 3 but not sure which two optional subjects to select for Level 4. I am doing distance learning and don't know which job I will get please advice.


  • mike150185
    mike150185 Registered Posts: 41
    I'm in the same boat, but I work in an accountancy practice and my manager wants me to do ACCA after AAT. I'm not sure if I should pick two that might benefit me the most in terms of knowledge when I do ACCA, or two that I find the easiest. I'm leaning towards the latter just so I can finish as soon as possible.

    If you're looking for a job, I've seen loads of online job vacancies that ask for AAT-qualified applicants, but I've never seen one that has stated a preference to any optional units.
  • AATstud
    AATstud Registered Posts: 41
    Thanks Mike150185.
    with job they also ask for minimum 12 months experience. I don't know which shop sell the experience so I can get and on the other hand no one want to hire unexperience person.
    good luck with your study and career.
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