Can I sign off month end and year end accounts?

I have a BA Hons degree in Accountancy and Finanial Management. I am trying to set up my own accounting business as I have two young children at primary school. I have got at least 10 years in accountancy from credit controll to working for a small company doing all aspects of accounting. I have also being doing tax returns for landlords for the past 6 years. Am I able to sign off month end and year end accounts?
All answers welcome and no offence taken

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  • H1234
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    Hi Maire
    Thank you for you help. I have registered with the HRMC Money Laundering Scheme. I also get regular emails from IFAS regarding changes to the IAS. I have worked in accountancy pracitices and for a small business.

    I just need flexibility beacuse of Primary school aged children.
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