Best time to ask for voluntary work

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Hi, today I passed CSTR therefore achieving my AAT level 3 (woohoo!!), but for the past few months I have been sending emails to accountancy firms/practices requesting voluntary work and have had no responses apart from one negative one lol.

So I was wondering what time of the year would it be best to ask for voluntary work at an accountancy firm?
By that I mean, when would they be less busy and have time to take on the volunteer.

Do you think this month (May) is a good time to ask?

Thank you!


  • MarieNoelle
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    It is P11D season right now but if you start sending letters now accountancy practices may consider your application. You could also consider a volunteer position with a local charity or association to gain a bit of bookkeeping experience that an accountancy firm will value. Try to see what is available in your area.
    Hope this helps
  • bobbynailer
    bobbynailer Registered Posts: 21
    I am going to start sending letters now and I have been trying do-it but no luck yet but I will keep trying. Thank you very much
  • Paulasw1
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