Wolverhampton and surrounding area(s)


I create this post to see whether you may have time, or the need for me within your business.

Essentially, I'm looking at locating myself a voluntary based role within your accountancy business.

Currently I am on the final level of the AAT syllabus. I'm looking to find a role to teach me how 'things' go together properly in the real world.

I do work full time in an entirely non accountancy based industry, therefore my time available is limited - not great, I know.

Essentially, at a guess, this is more focused towards those who either work late, or work on the weekends.

What is in this for you?

Well, once trained, I can help take care of the smaller, mundane tasks, leaving you to focus on the larger business requirements. I do not require, nor expect any form of remuneration - except maybe a 'cuppa!'

I know this is a shot in the dark -

Please feel free to PM me if you believe we can work something out.

Thank you.

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