Exam Results Waiting Time (Level 4)

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I'm sure the AAT must be tired of hearing this but 6 weeks (or so) is such a lengthy time to wait for results. Obviously I understand that there are a LOT of students taking exams and these have to be marked by an examiner. However, could we not get immediate results for the practical questions marked by the computer ? If we fail those we know to book our resits ASAP.

The problem with waiting 6 weeks is, in my case, I have started the next unit and by the time I get the results I am close to sitting the next exam plus can't devote so much time to the previous unit. So will have to start that unit from scratch.


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    Thanks for your feedback John, you raise and interesting point. I'll put this through to our assessment guys and get back to you with something as soon as possible.

    @JohnPj I have an update on this for you from our team here. When compared to similar marking systems like for CIMA & ACCA qualifications, the wait time for AAT is actually slightly shorter. As you rightly mention too, we do have a lot of students taking exams, 75,000 per year roughly, so our marking system and teams are really doing a fantastic job to keep up :)

    As for receiving immediate results for machine marked exams, this would actually be really confusing for a lot of people and would cause more problems than solutions for students. By waiting for the full results from both, every student will know exactly what their next steps should be, avoiding questions about whether they actually passed or not and stopping people guessing and getting themselves in a muddle.

    I hope that makes sense.
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