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Hi guys,

I'm sure this will have been brought up on here at some point in the not too distant past but couldn't really see anything when looking through the forums. I feel like it's something 99% of users on here will have experienced so hoping for some advice.

I've been licensed for about a month now and have a good client list developing. In the last few days I've had my first family member request to be taken on as a client.
I'm sure plenty of people will have their own policy on whether or not to have family as clients and i'm still undecided.
My question isn't on whether I should take them on as a client, the question is if I do decide to take them on as a client having completed a full risk assessment on the potential issues that could arise - is the risk assessment and any safeguarding put in place all that is necessary before I take them on? Is there any further action I should take more than I would for a normal client?

Just want to have the information on hand while i'm making a decision.




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    You should treat them just like any other client.
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    I will just add that when you do the risk assessment you make a note of the familiarity risk and how you think you are going to address it.
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    Thanks guys
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    mrme89 said:

    Are there any?

    Will probably want a massively reduced fee.
    Will probably expect you to be at their beck and call.
    Will probably want to discuss their business with you at every family gathering.
    Will probably want you to bend the rules for them.
    Will fall out with you over a disagreement, and even worse if you feel the need to disengage them.

    All depends on the family member of course.

    I don't offer my services to family members for these exact reasons. And close family friends.

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    My first ever client was a close friend.
    Her previous accountant had just set up her company but didn't offer bookkeeping services so I agreed to help her out on a voluntary basis (I was still employed then). By the time I set up as MIP we could both see we were working well together so I set up a letter of engagement and offered a "mate rate" for the first year (I now charge the same as my other clients).

    We have an understanding that when we meet socially we don't discuss work. It's true that working meetings are not purely about work but I don't mind that.
    She knows I don't bend the rules and she couldn't hide anything from me anyway. She trusts me to act in her best interest. Our relationship as shifted slightly but in a good way. We both respect each other's skills and strengths.

    Best of all she has gained me quite a few referrals!

    I agree that it may not work with everyone but if you have a good understanding from the beginning it can be done.
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