Please Help?? Spreadsheets!

Hi everyone! I'm resitting my spreadsheet exam/project in 10 days time. I really need to smash it this time, so that I can get my level 3! I've passed every other exam but can't seem to get a grips with this one at all. Any tips/advice would very much be appreciated. I really don't understand how I can't get passed this one!

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  • JoshJ1992
    JoshJ1992 Registered Posts: 75
    It may be worth looking at youtube for any areas that you may be stuck on. There are literally hundreds of useful videos (I use it as a source of information all the time). Also, there are some tasks as part of the AAT e-learning which may be worth looking through before your assessment.
  • RosieJane
    RosieJane Registered Posts: 35
    My advice would be:

    Read the questions thoroughly and pay great attention to detail (i.e. if they want a certain font red, make sure it is red)

    If you struggle finding the right formula/function to answer a question, type = in a box and then a word and it brings up a brief description (e.g if you type =count, it will tell you 'counts the number of cells in a range that contain numbers)

    For the questions at the end, I was unsure on one and I worked out the answers on the excel sheet by typing the options in a box and seeing what the outcomes were.

    Download and read the assessments performance feedback from the study support section on AAT. These guides often explain where students have gone wrong in their exams.
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