Studying AAT L4 through Distance Learning?

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I recently found out that the college where I did L2 and am close to completing L3 will not be doing L4 next year, so if I want to complete the three levels I'm going to have to find another evening provider (as I work full-time) or go with one of the online learning options. Since I've heard L4 is that much more difficult I'm wondering
  • If anyone is managing with online learning for L4?
  • Is there enough time to get prepared for the exams?
  • Where do you go for your exam?
  • How do you deal with the tutor marked element of the course?
I haven't checked out First Intuition, the only provider doing evening sessions now in Cambridge. Without a car I can't really get to any of the other colleges that might be commutable within Cambridgeshire.


  • Isabell039
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    Hi Adele69. I work full time too. Currently passed 2 exams from Level 4 and awaiting for results of the third one, one failed as I didn't practice much. I am with Kaplan and checked there is a branch in Cambridge.
    I am pleased with distance learning as you don't need to attend classes but you have to be independent learner to do so. In practice you have to extract from the books how to solve testing questions. You can contact the tutor via e-mail any time and answer is within hours sometimes. I am pretty sure they would not mind asses your written work I have never done that as I simply compared my answers with provided ones.
    You book your exam when you are ready for it - so once you finished a course book, revision kit, on line resources and AAT resources with all mock exams and you feel you are prepared then you book on line your exam and you do it in the centre in Cambridge I think (check Kaplan website). Time needed for preparation in my case ( English is my second language) is - Mon-Frid 3 to 4 hrs every day and after around 5-6 weeks of that you should be ready to pass first time. Demanding exams such as Financial Statements need more time I am in week 3rd of learning and I can see it will take me around 8-9 weeks. Hope that will help. I wish you all the best just keep going :)
  • Adele69
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    I completed L3 today. I probably should have added although I work with finance staff my main job is not in accounts, so rushing to get L4 completed in the shortest time is not a priority as it seems for many.

    I would like to continue with the existing AQ2013 which means getting all parts done by Dec 2017. Kaplan was charging around double what my college does for exams which immediately put me off if in addition to higher fees had any resits to do, and what other material I'd seen online.

    I guess it might be different if you had no issues with Kaplan as your provider and had gone through the other levels with them. From the little I've read on other discussions where people have moved from one provider to another and been disappointed, it doesn't exactly fill me with optimism which direction to take next.
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    I was studying with InterActive ( and I'm absolutely delighted!!!
    Online provider is much more better than evening courses - believe me! Because you can study any time from anywhere.

    And don't worry L4 isn't difficult :) Don't afraid to contact InterActive's support and ask about all details.

    Good luck!
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