Financial performance exam help!!!

I have an exam this week financial performance I have left revision until last min I'm so struggling I can't even change the date, any tips? I have failed credit control and financial statements too, so I have two re sits to do and I have cash management to do too, so every two weeks I have a exam it's so stressful I want to quit but I don't too cause I have paid a lot for this course and I only have one lesson on cash management then I'm all alone..


  • Isabell039
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    Sarah you are rushing too much. These exams are demanding, amount of knowledge to process and exercises to retain that in your head needs time. I did the same mistake and it cost me extra for resits and currently I am still in the middle of level 4.
    My advice would be:
    1.slow down, go through revision kit twice (I know it sounds odd but that gives you confidence and better understanding of tasks and why it should be done in this way not another and boosts speed with calculations).
    2. do not skip anything - all paper mock exams, AAT green light and computer mocks and e-learning, Osborn practice tests( they are for free). When you do that you would be surprised with the results - first you will find out what you don't know and secondly you will search for answers which provides better understanding of the task during real exam.
    3. Last hint about choice of topics - find out which of these have high pass rate - I truly regret cash management as a pick - find out what people say about this one :) and hopefully you will make a better choice.
    4. I wish you all the best with Financial Performance but if no decent revision is done it will be hard - make sure you can quickly calculate variances and fully understand them as they are crucial for 2 tasks.
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