project level 4

i could not complete level 4 project, what should i do now


  • cooldog
    cooldog Registered Posts: 20
    You will need to re-book with a training provider.
  • BenA
    BenA Registered Posts: 56
    I had a similar situation with an exam. I was ill, then on holiday and so on and by the time I came to take the exam it was the following academic year. My training provider tried to charge me to rebook. I told them I would not be paying for the exam to be rebooked as I would have paid for this in my tuition fees to previous year and unless they could prove they had paid the money to the AAT. As a result I was able to rebook my exam free of charge. I would imagine a similar concept would apply for your project although they may argue it is taking a tutor time in marking your exam. My tutor was terrible when it came to the project. They started us off on the project (by this I mean they told us the date it had to be submitted by) but they did NOTHING to help or assist us and he told FAR too long to reply to submissions, as a result most of us over ran then time period due to the tutor and we were given an extension. Hope this helps.
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