Anyone had any experience of SAP Business One?

After struggling for many years with Sage Line 50, we are currently looking at changing to SAP Business One - does anyone have any experience of this system and more importantly would you recommend it?


  • Sharon123Sharon123 Registered Posts: 80
    I am using SAP B1 in my current role as an accountant in a small manufacturing company. I have used other systems in previous jobs but am impressed with this one. Have just been through auditing and the way all the information is linked and can be drilled down is brilliant. We have support from a company called Ochiba near Chesterfield who are very good and did the original installation.
  • FinancialsFinancials Registered Posts: 1
    Check out LAKE Financial Systems, based in Leeds. They offer arrange of financial systems including SAP B1, alongside a great support team.
  • NeillawNeillaw New Member RossendaleRegistered Posts: 173
    SAP is like a marriage great when it's working but can turn into a bitter EX wife in the push of a button.
    I'm currently using B1, we've had some issues on the manufacturing side but every problem seems to have different sides or affects different parts of the system.

    Overall I actually like the system more than Sage.