Help needed: How to prepare and approach a written scenario assessment at job interview

Hi everyone,

I've got an assessment next week for an entry level job in management accountancy. Part of the assessment will be a written test where I will have to explain how I would act in different scenarios. Does anyone have any experience of this and any tips on how to prepare for these and how to approach them in my answers? I really want this job!


  • deepgc
    deepgc Registered Posts: 6
    Wow, that's pretty intense, I've not experienced this myself before but as a former employer I'm trying to think of reasons why I would have done this.

    I think it would be best to approach this with logic, and perhaps a touch of risk management, and even throw in some brief SWOT analysis of the scenario you've been given.

    Sometimes it's not the final answer that counts, but the thought process that goes into it and how you have come to your conclusion, i.e. are you assertions sound based on the information given.

    Let us know how you get on :)
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