Level 3 Computerised Accounting

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Has anyone studied this course online or by distance learning?

I am currently studying L3 Bookkeeping and Ethics (I have passed Level 2, including the Computerised Accounting course). Both L3 courses have modules in Spreadsheet Software and Ethics, and AAT have confirmed that I would be entitled to an exemption for these (if I pass!), so I really only need to do the Sage module in the Computerised Accounting course. I realise that a learning provider will want me to buy a package, but I can see why they would.

However, I am having trouble finding a provider. AAT just point me to their tool for finding one, which brings up a list, but when contacted, they say no they don't offer the course (perhaps there is little demand because of the duplication of modules?).

I did think of self-study because I do have experience of Sage from the L2 course, but I am not working as a bookkeeper, so it's not ideal. AAT told me I could get course books from Osborne, but that's not the case, and I can't find a L3 book for the Computerised Accounting anywhere else online.

There are no colleges in my area offering the course either.

Any advice gratefully received.



  • AliceHenley93
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    Hi Karen, I am with Gold Edge Training. Have a look on their website, they might be able to offer you what you're looking for.
  • KEN
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    Apologies for the delay in replying. I have tried them and they don't do Level 3, but thanks anyway. I think I have missed the boat with the change to the new syllabus, as it no longer seems to be an option.
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