AAT level 4 about to finish

tom2806 Registered Posts: 3
Hi Guys

So I'm pretty sure this has been brought up before but wanting to get peoples views on wage changes when completed level 4. So I'm going to be finishing level 4 in december and will be heading to my boss to ask for a rise. My current package is:

Age 26
AAT Level 2 + 3 qualified
study support (also prepared to pay for cima)

If anyone is willing of course to give me ideas of wages and what they receive from the company they work for i would greatly appreciate this.

I work in industry also .



  • cooldog
    cooldog Registered Posts: 20
    I work in finance, 1 exam from finishing Level 4.
    Age 34
    Salary £22,250.
    Hoping for a salary increase after completion but doubt I will get one.
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