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We've just had a Sage "saleperson" attend the office to give a short presentation on their Partner package for accountants to use their Sage One Start and Sage One Accounting cloud software.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, cloud software is on the radar for us as we've put off using it for too long. As we already use Sage Accounts Production, Sage Corporation Tax & Sage Business/Personal Tax it seems likely we'll stick with Sage for the cloud.

Sage were aware they had to up their game on the cloud front and Sage One seems to have improved over the last 12mth. The Accounting version includes Final Accounts online & Corporation tax online so we could possibly ditch our licences for the desktop versions of each.

Is anyone a Sage One Partner ? Or anyone use the latest versions and would recommend. Decisions to be made because as usual, "the prices are going up tomorrow", blah,blah...blah



  • TreadStone
    TreadStone Registered Posts: 280 Epic contributor 🐘
    Obviously not many use Sage then.... :)

    Anyone push their existing Sage 50 clients into using Sage Drive ?
  • Jawz
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    Hi Treadstone,

    Apologies for the late reply, only just saw your post. We are sage one partners. We had a very good offer through AAT magazine can't remember what month issue it was on though, but I could have a look if you were interested to know more about the offer.

    Sage One seems to be working ok for us at the moment.
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