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Disengagement of client

appleapple Settling In NicelyRegistered Posts: 39
Hi, i have a client who was late with annual accounts/CT600. He had paid me a fix monthly fee for a certain number of accounting items for his company 1st year but never sent me any invoices/expenses etc. Every month i asked him to provide me the relevant info to do the books and he promised me he would but never did. After the 1st 12 months i asked him to stop paying the monthly fee since i felt i dont do any work for the money. I kept asking him to provide any info otherwise he would be late with submissions and he would be paying penalties. Companies house kept sending the usual reminder letters but he did not do anything until he was told he had 28 day to submit the accounts otherwise his company would be disolved. That was the point when he sent me the invoices of the whole year. I had to put extra hours to finish his accounts off and submit them to CH/hmrc by time. There were more items than we had in our agreement so i charged him for the extra work. He approved the accounts but has not paid for the extra work. Now ee is not answering to my email/ letter sent him by special delivery. I think he even rejects my calls. I had enough of him. My question is how long i need to wait before i disengage him? His 2nd year will be ended at the end of June but i do not want to deal with it. Thanks in advance


  • JawzJawz New Member West MidlandsRegistered Posts: 53
    @mrme89 agreed.

    However, just to make sure you're covered, I would be tempted to send the client a final warning letter/email and keep it for your records. something along the lines 'If don't hear from you within 7 days, we will have no choice but to disengage you as a client'.

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