Cash management exam help

Hi everyone
I have an exam on Wednesday cash management I have barely done anything I'm panicking so much I can't afford to re arrange the exam as there's no time for it, I've had a lot on my plate I really want to pass but I have no idea where to start from.
Any tips please


  • nish437
    nish437 Registered Posts: 6
    Cash management is one of the toughest exam i have encountered so i owuld advise to revise as much as possible. I dont know if you sat it yet but revise as much as possible on moving averages and sensitivity analysis and borrowing terms.
  • sarah91
    sarah91 Registered Posts: 13
    Hi my exams at 6pm I haven't even gone through the written stuff yet nor the AAT paper one, I've gone through half of paper two but the rest I have no idea how it's calculated it's so much. I was thinking of not going in as I'm not ready, but if I do that I'll be so behind.
  • nish437
    nish437 Registered Posts: 6
    Awww oki, well best of luck. Remember you'll have to wait for six weeks for results but you might get provisional ones first. I resitted twice and didn't pass yet. Make sure you read the questions properly.
  • ChrisJ30
    ChrisJ30 MAAT Posts: 93 New contributor ?
    I've going to do my resit of this by mid august. Got my feedback from my assessment and I did terribly at task 3. I would of passed if it weren't for that because I had 4 mets and 3 exceededs.
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