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Richardc1994 MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 11
Hi All,

Recently finished Level 4 and looking to secure some voluntary work on weekends in a practice as I work in the accounts department of a telecoms company mon-fri. The experience will prove, I'm sure, invaluable to my future career as an accountant. I live in County Durham in the North East of England and would be willing to travel the area within reason.

Please contact me if you know anyone who would benefit from an extra pair of hands!



  • hkaur92
    hkaur92 Registered Posts: 28
    Hi @Richardc1994

    Have you searched do-it.org.uk? Last time I was looking for voluntary work there were were some choices of work listed on the website for finance/accounts role. I also live in County Durham and found there was more v work available in Sunderland, Durham or Newcastle especially if it's accountancy related.

    I used to volunteer for Credit Union Ltd which offer some accounts work or maybe Citizens Advice Bureau?

    If you wanted extra info, feel free to message.

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