ISYS Project - 2013 vs 2016

I finished all my exams for Lvl 4 two years ago, but I still have not done anything on the ISYS project. I know I have until December 2017 to get that done and marked off. But what about the 2016 project? Are there any major differences, or even advantages to switching to that?


  • RosieJane
    RosieJane Registered Posts: 35
    I am also interested in the answer to this question.

    I have started with the L4 optional units at AQ2013 and was thinking of transferring to AQ2016 in Sept to avoid the project! I think it might be included in the synoptic assessment instead of being in a project form.

    Hopefully somebody can advise what the differences will be?
  • SophieT18
    SophieT18 Registered Posts: 1
    There is no project for AQ2016 - instead there will be a synoptic assessment which will cover the three compulsory modules in L4 (financial performance, financial statements and budgeting). I personally think this is the more difficult option that the project.
  • NIghteyes
    NIghteyes Registered Posts: 6
    Is that a definite? I pretty much aced those three subjects, and would much rather brush up on those and take on the assessment than spend hours upon hours of my life that I will never get back writing a project.
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