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Volunteers for a book critique (non-accounting)

NeillawNeillaw New MemberRossendaleMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 277
I realise that this is something that isn't really an accounting issue but since I've turned self-employed my usual critique target has now gone.

I'm looking for someone to sense read my latest novel.

The story is the last in a trilogy of books about two guys who seem to walk from one disaster to another, I must warn that due to the characters not completing school their language can be a little bit colourful.

I would be looking for someone to give me a critique on - Plot, characters and if this was something they'd recommend to others.



  • LornaSLornaS Registered Posts: 4
    Would it not be of help if the reader had read the first two books first otherwise your new one may not make much sense if it continues on from the last one.
  • NeillawNeillaw New Member RossendaleMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 277
    If people would like all three then that's fine, the first is already published but I do have the master.
    The third book does have some connections with the second but it's not as linked as the second book is to the first. The major character is killed off in the second so the story moves off onto a different thread.
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