Level 4 exam marking and business tax

Hi everyone!

I am sitting my second Level 4 paper in a few weeks and just wondering on how the marking is done.
I know that in Level 2 and Level 3 exams, say if you got an answer wrong but the workings out after were right, you would lose a mark but still get a mark for working out the right answer to what you had put.

For example, I am looking at Osborne Practise Assessment 1 - Task 9 (b) and it says about proceeds for an antique painting.

So the

Proceeds are 7,100
Cost 4,000

Indexation allowance 0.513 but I worked out the indexation as this:

7100-4000= 3100*0.513=1590 (I know this answer is wrong)

The following question after this asks the Gain on the painting so if i was to work it out as 3100-1590=1510, would I lose a mark for getting the wrong indexation allowance but still get a mark for my workings being right afterwards?

Thanks in advance!
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