Query on experience and books

Hi there,I have a query, I have recently taken on a work colleagues books for his side business to gain experience. I think I have done the transactions right but as it's my first time doing it I will give a general overrun.....

As no seperate bank account just personal any payments have been made I have done as Cr Capital Introduced DR whatever (carriage outwards for example).

On PayPal a couple were transfers from bank account taken directly by PayPal seller so I done Cr Cap introduced Dr PayPal straight away and then Cr PayPal Dr supplier etc

What I have is expenses being, carriage inwards, carriage outwards, stationary and PayPal fees. As well as under cost of sales inventory purchases for input vat and sales obviously under output vat does that sound correct?

Also I have been advised by my brother in law it's best to get insurance even if on a cost neutral basis.. So do I need professional indemnity or personal indemnity?

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