What are my next steps career wise?

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Good morning!

I was hoping that I would be able to get some friendly advice on what I should be doing career wise with my current situation.

I currently work as an Accounts Payable Clerk and before that have done Account Admin. I feel as though I have gotten the basic Accounting experience even though I have not worked in a practice or firm. The office I am currently working in is very stagnant, and I can't see anyone leaving any time soon which means I will not be moving up anytime soon. I was wondering if anyone had any pointers as to what I could do to help my situation as I am currently looking for a new job but I don't want to change job just for the same thing to happen where I end up in a almost dead-end job. Also I am qualified to level 3 and I will be doing level 4 come September.

Hopefully someone can help! :)

Kind Regards,

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