AAT Level 3 Babington College distance learning

Hi I'm just about to start my level 3 after passing 2 at local college.
Has anyone got any advice or hints and tips for studying with Babington College please ?


  • teenspirited
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    Anyone ? :/
  • NickCraggs
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    There is a Facebook page set up with Distance Learning in mind. You may want to ask your question there: https://www.facebook.com/groups/aatdistancelearning/
    Nick Craggs FMAAT AATQB ACA, AAT Branch Member and Distance Learning Director at First Intuition

  • teenspirited
    teenspirited Registered Posts: 5
    Thank you Nick, I'm new here, I will take a look :)
  • Slackpants
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    Beware!! I currently train with them and I think they're the most unorganised, incompetent and unprofessional college ever!! Absolutely useless.. Sorry for the rant but I studied level 2 and 3 with them and in that time we are on our 8th tutor.. Some weeks we don't even have a tutor qualified to take our lesson so they help out where they can?! Their staff turnover is huge and most tutors have an attitude problem and treat their students like children, even though I am 28 and pay for the course myself!!
  • Hossan
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    Home learning college or BPP is good for distance learning
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