Financial Statements

l.erskine1 Registered Posts: 3
Hi Guys,

I am about to resit my financial statements exam (2013) and have prepared my own notes.

Does anyone have any other helpful notes that I could also use?

Thanks ;)


  • mike150185
    mike150185 Registered Posts: 41
    If you're competent at the drafting statements sections (single and consolidated), you're over halfway there. I did it yesterday and it felt like there was a question on almost every IAS. I listed all of them and wrote down the key points for each and just memorised them, and did the same for calculating the ratios. I've found that this one definitely requires the most preparation.
  • l.erskine1
    l.erskine1 Registered Posts: 3
    I found that after the first time! I have my revision cards for IAS and ratios.

    I find that I am really competent up until the morning of my exam and then my memory goes AWOL!

    Good Luck for your results and thanks for the tips!
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