Osborne's AAT level 2: 'Introduction to costing' wanted!

SirPrize Registered Posts: 14
Hi Ladies and Gents,

I am looking for, as mentioned in the title, Osborne's AAT Introduction to costing (AQ2013 spec; the later the publication, the better).

It's funny because I had the book, along with all the other books for level 2, but I lent it to a 'friend' who I have not heard from since asking for it back. A shame really, I only lent it to him to help him out, being he was looking for ideas for careers, but have since not heard of him whilst having asked for it back on multiple occasions. Anyone would think the book was made of gold.

So if anyone has one just gathering dust, please drop us a message or comment (new here, so not sure on how things work).

Warmest regards.


  • SirPrize
    SirPrize Registered Posts: 14
    Have since received the book back. Therefore, I have no need to buy another, please don't reply to this post.

    Thank you.
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