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Sage Problem (Deleted Transactions)

Elliot174Elliot174 BirminghamRegistered Posts: 15
Hi Everyone,

Having a problem with Sage Line 50 & hoping someone can help as we currently don't have sage support!

My problem is a customers account on the sales ledger is incorrect

We had to delete an invoice and payment transaction off the account due to an error made, assuming this would basically reverse both transactions but it hasn't

On my sales ledger control account the transaction has gone, but when i print an aged debtors analysis report it still shows the invoice as open. But then if i go on the customers activity and click O/S only, the invoice doesn't appear

Really confused as to what has gone wrong as the deletion balanced (Dr/Cr). Is there a way i can amend a customers account without affecting the sales ledger control acc?

Level 4 AAT Complete (MAAT)


  • CeeJaySixCeeJaySix Well-Known Registered Posts: 645
    I don't use Sage too often so this may be incorrect, but I believe everything posted to a customer account will be reflected in the control a/c. Therefore to pull them back into line you need to manually journal against the control a/c.

    Without knowing the transactions actually posted it's difficult to be more helpful. Has deleting the invoice gone back against sales? Has deleting the payment gone back against bank?

    If you can work out how to restore the original position before the 'correction', you should just be able to credit note the invoice and post a dummy payment to reverse the receipt.
  • Elliot174Elliot174 BirminghamRegistered Posts: 15
    Hi Ceejay again,

    Thank you for your help with this matter, for some reason this matter was correct as at 01/01/16 but incorrect 31/12/15 so we have made a manual adjustment with Decembers Year End.

    Thank you for your help
    Level 4 AAT Complete (MAAT)
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