When to send a statment to a customer

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A very basic question I know, and probably more than one answer.

I thought a statement was sent if a customer owes the company money, or if they request one.

So if a customer has just been sent an invoice with 30 days to pay it, and that is the only invoice outstanding, surely a statement would not be sent until after the 30 days if the invoice has not been paid. Surely it is a waste of time (and money if it is a hard copy and you post it) sending a statement a week after sending the invoice.

I have been told that some companies only pay to statement and that if you don't send one, they won't pay - is this correct?


  • MarieNoelle
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    I would think the invoice is the legally binding document requesting the payment. A statement is just that - a report of debits and credits with the balance.
    I would only send a statement if the client has made payments on accounts and there is an outstanding amount to settle. But usually an email or phone call is enough to sort it out.
  • PaulaS
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    Thanks MarieNoelle. My colleague at work insists on sending a statement out about a week after sending the invoice, even though the customer doesn't owe any money except for that invoice. I have said this is a waste of postage as she prints them all, but she won't take any notice.
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