I'm due to sit my budgeting exam soon but I'm struggling to get my head around the written elements of it.
Any advice on ways to remember the information that needs to be included in the answer? or specific topics that I may be asked about other than the ones that are on the practice assessments :)


  • zebra246
    zebra246 Registered Posts: 57
    The topics that are tested on the written questions are spelled out in detail in the examiner's report on the AAT website (a.k.a. assessment performance feedback). The report is to be found in the study support section and then just follow the menus, Level 4, Budgeting and open the relevant pdf.

    This year, 2016, has seen some surprisingly low grades on the written questions. I have seen nothing on the forum about this. The low marks may be related to the way the questions have been written (with deliberate traps?) and the marks allocated (harshly?). There have been complaints.

    Be aware it is mathematically possible to pass the Budgeting paper by doing well on just the numerical questions. In fact I know it has been used as a strategy successfully. But I would not recommend it.

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