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Hi Everyone,

Having some trouble working out how to account for some asset finance my company has used

Currently we have received the money in the bank - Post this to?

I haven't done any journals as of yet as i am confused how to process all this

Do i need a supplier acc? New HP Nom Code?
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  • Elliot174Elliot174 BirminghamPosts: 15Registered
    I have been looking into this and i am part way there (may be the wrong way though)

    Do i need to post the invoice to the Supplier Acc with the Hp Asset Nom code?

    By doing so this puts a Dr balance on the hp acc which is incorrect, this needs to be a cr balance??

    I know i need the Hp acc to be a cr balance, supplier acc zero and then journal the monthly payments straight from bank to the hp account to reduce the balance

    Just can't get there in my head!

    Thank you in advance for your help

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    If you have received the money in the bank it sounds more like a loan than an HP? Wouldn't the HP money usually go directly from Hire co to the supplier to pay for the asset?

    Although I could be mistaken, by no means an expert on finance!
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    Hi Guys,

    Thank you for your replys, I have thanked Ceejay now, i totally forgot to due to been busy with work and struggling with year end due to lack of exeperience. All picking up now with a bit more knowledge and help from this forum.

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    The finance is a type of loan which the assets are used as a guarantee,

    In short term we had finance for £200k

    Received £155k in the bank, other £45k paid the previous finance off.

    Over the 3 years we pay £46k in interest.

    So I am assuming i need to do the following

    Cr Bank
    Dr Hp Nom Code £155k (Repeat this with the monthly payments)

    Confused with how the interest will be treated, do i split the monthly payment and journal the interest elsewhere?

    Thank You in advance for your help, sorry again for mis using the forum


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  • Elliot174Elliot174 BirminghamPosts: 15Registered

    We have taken the £200k /36 months which has given us the capital repayment monthly then anything above we are classing as interest

    Thank you for your help with this matter.

    I am hoping to get on to cima starting september which will help with my knowledge, Currently struggle due to Passing AAT then the management accountant left the company which has left me currently to complete year end!

    Thank you again for your help!!


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  • Elliot174Elliot174 BirminghamPosts: 15Registered
    Thank you for your help John!

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