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AAT Award Ceremony

gew1111gew1111 Registered Posts: 3

Does anyone have any information on the award ceremony for 2016?
I have one exam to go and was wondering when the time limit was to be able to attend the 2016 ceremony?

Thank You!


  • AAT_TeamAAT_Team Administrator Posts: 558
    Hi there,

    Do be eligible you must meet one of the following criteria from 1 October 2015 - 8 Sept 2016:

    Be elected to AAT full membership
    Elected to AAT fellow membership
    Completed of 25 years as a full or fellow member
    Completed the AAT Accounting Qualification.
    Elected to Bookkeeping membership
  • gew1111gew1111 Registered Posts: 3
    If i get my final result before the 8th September I will be automatically eligible?
    I think it is looking like I will get my final result a week later!
    There is always next year.

    Thank You!
  • AAT_TeamAAT_Team Administrator Posts: 558
    I looks like you may just miss out unfortunately. You may be able to negotiate with our member support team but I can't guarantee success... [email protected]
  • fahdaliifahdalii Registered Posts: 1
    Hello !

    Does anyone have any information on the Award Ceremony for 2017?

    I gained AAT Associate Bookkeeping member on 17th January 2017.
  • AAT_TeamAAT_Team Administrator Posts: 558
    We will be releasing information about the ceremony in the coming months @fahdalii
  • PolarisDyasPolarisDyas Registered Posts: 24
    Can anyone go to the ceremony? I'm becoming aat level 4 qualified in 2018 but my college isn't do their own ceremony and I would love to go to one
  • TilkiTilki OxfordRegistered Posts: 17
    Hi Polaris,
    From what I know, if you complete level 4 between September 2017 and September 2018 (I don't know the exact cut off dates) you will be eligible to attend one of the 2018 Award Ceremonies. They are invitation only and are in various locations around the country.
    AAT normally bring out the information about the ceremonies in the spring.
  • AAT_TeamAAT_Team Administrator Posts: 558
    You will also need to be a professional member of AAT.
  • TilkiTilki OxfordRegistered Posts: 17
    I thought associate members could attend as well as members who have achieved MAAT?
  • AAT_TeamAAT_Team Administrator Posts: 558
    Tilki said:

    I thought associate members could attend as well as members who have achieved MAAT?

    AATQB, MAAT, FMAAT + 25 year members are eligible.
  • TilkiTilki OxfordRegistered Posts: 17
    Ok. Thank you for correcting me.
    Is this a new thing for 2018?
    I attended in 2016 when I got my AATQB and I thought associate members were eligible that year.
  • AAT_TeamAAT_Team Administrator Posts: 558
    This year will be the same as last year, one large event with only those celebrating professional memberships eligible + guests.
  • TilkiTilki OxfordRegistered Posts: 17
    Just to finish this then, am I right in saying that AAT don't hold achievement ceremonies anymore, they hold AAT Professional Member Awards instead? Such as member of the year etc?
    So if you have attained MAAT or AATQB status within the designated time frame you do not receive an achievement award?
  • AAT_TeamAAT_Team Administrator Posts: 558
    edited February 2018
    No that's not right.

    We hold both of those events, however:

    AAT Achievement Ceremony - is for professional members of AAT (AATQB, MAAT, FMATT + 25 year)
    And AAT Professional Member Awards - recognises the outstanding achievements of our professional membership (held at the annual conference)
  • TilkiTilki OxfordRegistered Posts: 17
    I'm sorry for my misunderstanding and thank you for making it clear for me.
    Are the achievement awards at just one event now? (London)?
  • blaymblaym Registered Posts: 1
    Hi I was going to start an application for AAT Professional Member Awards but it says you need to put a reference from your work place. Unfortunately my previous employee and I parted on bad terms and they haven't provided a reference to my new employee and therefore can't expect them to support me in my application. How do I get around this? I've only been at my new employer a couple of months.
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