Are there any restrictions on how many AAT levels I can take exams for in one year?

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Hello Everyone,

I have studied AAT level 2 in college and easily passed exams last June.

As I found exams were easy, I want now to do Level 3 and level 4 as self study and go only for exams with Kaplan.. I have also found that level 3 is really easy and I think if I put good effort I can pass it within 1 month!

But I am not sure if there are any restrictions on how many levels I can go for exams in each year?

If there are no restrictions do I need to pay AAT extra fees for membership for each qualification I achieve?

I am planning to complete AAT level 4 before December this year and that's means achieving level 2, 3 and 4 in one year! which will be really fantastic in case there are no restrictions.

I will appreciate your inputs, thank you very much


  • MarieNoelle
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    I can't see why there would be any restrictions. In the latest edition of Accounting technician magazine the student of the year achieved the qualification in 7 months.
    As far as I know the student fee is paid annually, not per level obtained.
  • aat2016
    aat2016 Registered Posts: 8
    Thank you, I am just unsure about it. But if someone has did it before, that's mean there are no restrictions.
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