Self studying level 4, becoming 'professional diploma'. Good idea? And what next?

I've studied part time at college for the past two years and really feel that I've wasted my money. I've taken to intentionally not turning up because teaching myself from textbooks is a better use of my time. So far I have aced all exams and not found anything difficult. I know that the last year will be more difficult again, but have managed to maintain this throughout pregnancy/new baby so feel confident in attempting self study. I don't know what to do for the best now that the syllabus is changing. Are all of the exams for this year CBA rather than CBP? I'd look into taking a single module with a distance learning provider if there was a project to consider. Is the synoptic assessment taking over the project so that they will all now be computer based assessments?

Another thing to consider is that I don't know what to do after this. ACCA? I've definitely not enjoyed costs and revenues modules as much as financial accounts. Which optional modules would be best suited to this?

Lastly, I have no experience whatsoever. Not only no experience in accounting, but have never had a job. My original plan was to complete AAT, then attempt to get a job and gain some experience before undertaking the next qualification. However, I'm now feeling that I'd like to stay at home with my baby for as long as possible. Would it be an absolutely ridiculous idea to complete AAT, then start or even complete all of the next qualification (depending on how long it takes), before even getting a job? I know that you need a few years experience to be able to complete the ACCA qualification. Not sure what to do for the best.

Any advice would be very helpful, thanks!


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    Also wasn't sure where to post this. Sorry if it's in the wrong place!
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    I'm self-studying Level 4 and I would recommend it if you find learning from textbooks easy. It's a lot cheaper and you can do the exams at your own pace, however I only did it that way once I looked through the study materials and sample assessments on the AAT website and decided I would be comfortable doing it on a self-study basis.

    It's still possible to get a job if you're part-qualified. I got a trainee accountant position before I had finished Level 2 and I had no accountancy experience. If I hadn't got the job, my Plan B was to write to all accountancy practices near me and asking if they had any work experience opportunities (not sure how far this would have got me though).
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