Am I wasting my time ?

I'm fifty years old my career has been mostly in Car parts . I was unemployed for a two year period and managed to get myself on a level two AAT course . I found I enjoyed accountancy more than what I had been doing to that point . I passed that course , but near the end I found another job in the motor industry , but I really wanted to move into accountancy . So I am currently two thirds of the way through level three , but as I apply for jobs in accountancy I realise how important experience is but to get the experience I need the job .
I really need to know have I left this too let in life . I'm I wasting my time should I bother with level four ?


  • David Ballantyne
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    Getting experience is always challenging. The only option if this is a career that you want to persue is to keep trying.

    Try the following options:
    • Register with all the main job websites, upload a CV and set up job alerts for the kind of roles you want.
    • Register with employment agencies.
    • Set up a LinkedIn profile and look for opportunities to connect with people who might be able to help you.
    • Regularly attend your local AAT branch meeting. The aim is to develop contacts and build relationships. You will find that a number of local branch members have their own accountancy practices. Keep going to local branch meetings. Consider getting involved in running the branch. As you develop relationships, you may find that people may be prepared to offer you work, either as an employee, or more likely on a self employed basis.
    • Get in touch with local charities who may need a volunteer to handle their finances. Locally to me is a large Scout Group and a large youth football club. The youth football club has an annual income of £62000; a fairly substantial project for someone wanting to gain experience. Both of these organisations have struggled to find someone to handle their finances.
    • There is of course the option of self employment. If you are unsure about what to do, then ask questions on this forum, the Bookkeepers Network Forum and get in touch with The Bookkeepers Alliance.
    That's all I can think of for now.

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    I am almost 30 and I am feeling same. I recently passed level 3 working in security industry still unsuccessful in getting accountancy related job here in London. I can't just leave my work to do voluntary as I have kids too. I could do part time but just can't get hold of any. I am finding extremely hard too.
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    Mr Lemon Curry
    I suggest looking at accounting within the car parts or related industry. You have knowledge about the industry built up over many years. A younger applicant who may have had a couple of years working in an accountancy practice would not have your specialist knowledge.
    I'm based in West Sussex and have met many AAT students who wanted to move from a different line of work to accounting. The typical story is "Oh you don't have the accounting experience, start on the bottom rung of the ladder" with the bottom rung wage rates. But my advice about industry knowledge has helped them to move across rather than down. In this area it is often the move from horticulture or other lad based industries into accounts.
    Employers want accounts staff they can talk to. They want people who understand their business. They are not as keen on people who've learned it all from books. Use your unique (or near unique) knowledge of car parts. Then your prospective employer can see why you stand out amongst candidates who only know about accounts.
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