ISYS Kaplan

I am self studying L4 and wondering if anyone here has used Kaplan for the ISYS module?

I was planning to transfer to AQ2016 to avoid having to pay £399 for the project but I have just discovered the Synoptic module costs £581 via Kaplan (I thought I could self-study it but it seems not!?)

Anyway, what I am wondering is what you get for your £399? The website says it is delivered via online videos and starts around the 15th of the month that you choose. Does anybody know if these are fixed time slots that you have to be at your computer screen/on the internet or if they are emailed to you and you can watch at times to suit you? I assume you get tutor support too? I work full time and have a toddler at home with my partner on shifts so it is difficult to plan full study sessions!

Any reviews/info you can give me would be helpful to aid my decision :)


  • mike150185
    mike150185 Registered Posts: 41
    I'm doing self-study but with First Intuition. They quote £340 for ISYS Online study package and £350 for Live Online. I can't say what is actually offered as I'm waiting to finish my exams (which will hopefully be on Monday) before I sign up. I think Online is pre-recorded tutor sessions. You get tutor support with both. Either way they're cheaper and in my opinion, their study materials for the other modules is the best.
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